Three Keys to Innovation for Creatives & Churches

Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity – not a threat.   This was written for churches, but believe that it’s applicable to creatives as well, just replace the word “church” for “creative”   Over the past few years I’ve had countless conversations with creatives and churches about growth.   How did […]

I Hate Bookkeeping, Quickbooks Makes it Easy

I Hate Bookkeeping, Quickbooks Makes it Easy. Running your own business is stressful; especially when it comes to invoicing, keeping track of expenses, handling finances and the thing everyone dreads… taxes. Luckily I use Quickbooks to manage my business and it has saved my life (and my sanity)! If you’re ready to get on track […]

I Found The Best Stickers On The Internet

I Found the Best Stickers on the Internet. It all started while I was working with a local sticker company on an order for church. The communication was terrible, the cost was outrageous and the quality was underwhelming. As soon as I had my next project with stickers I started my search for a better […]

The Best Font Resources for Church Creatives

The Best Font Resources for Church Creatives Typography can make or break a good design. In a world with a lot of bad fonts, thankfully there are a ton more good ones, but where do you find them? And quick disclaimer, in my humble opinion some of the best fonts are paid for, but I […]